Email Members

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Email Members

Email Members is a plugin that sends email reminders to members based on renewal dates. This plugin reads the data from plugin ‘Tablepress’ and creates a personalized email to send out. If you desire to log the names and date of the sending of email, another plugin called ‘my-logit’ is  also required.  (Note: Tablepress can be downloaded from the WordPress repository.)

Plugin ‘Tablepress’ is required and at least two columns in Tablepress are required: renewal date and email address.  To personalize the email message, First Name, Last Name, and Renewal date can all be included in the email message.

Click Here for screenshot.

Within the plugin are several options to control the sending of email.  Options include:

  • Turning schedule on/off
  • Turning the sending of email on/off
  • Turning the Logging the sending of email on/off
  • Setting Lead Time prior to expiration or renewal date<
  • Setting the Tablepress ID number
  • Setting the column numbers for the Tablepress columns

The following can be set up for the actual email message. Email fields are:

  • To:
  • From:
  • Cc:
  • Bcc:
  • Subject:
  • Email Message:

– In the email message you can use substitution for First Name, Last Name,  Email Address, and Renewal Date.  See below:

<h2>Attention Member</h2>
{F},<br /><br />
Your membership will be expiring on {R}. Please renew as soon as possible.
Here is a link to the online renewal form: <br />
<a href=></a><br /><br />
Thank you from the Club Membership


Save Settings
After making any changes to the form, you will need click on Save Settings as this updates the flags that are maintained the SQL database.

Run Now
Run Now will force a run processing data in the Tablepress tables. Using this plugin along with plugin ‘my-logit’ is a good way to test that you have set up the form correctly. Another way to test is to set the email addresses to your own address and then set up a temporarily Tablepress table with known entries. To view the results, click on Tools->Log It and then “View Log File”. (See below)

Plugin my-logit
Plugin my-logit is used to log the data from the plugin email-members. In this plugin you can create a new log file, view it, print it, and clear it. You can haver up to four log files and name them anything you want .  


Installation is the normal WordPress plugin installation. Just download and the use the plugin upload and install capabilities.  After installation, the link will be found in Settings and is called ‘Email Settings’.  Clicking on Email Settings will bring up the settings screen.



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