Please Note:  With the release of Woothemes-Sensei Version 1.6.0 the ability to sort courses and lessons is now included in the release.  Therefore, this plugin will not be needed but this plugin is still very useful to those releases prior to 1.6.0.

Sensei-Order is my first plugin and it allows you to reorder your courses and lessons in the plugin Sensei from WooThemes. Sensei-Order works in conjunction with woothemes-sensei which must first be installed and activated before Sensei-Order will activate.  For this plugin to work correctly, the sort calls in woothemes-sensei files will need changing which are documented in the  readme.txt file.

I have tried testing all the various aspects of Sensei  after making the needed sort changes and have not found any issues.   That doesn’t mean the change may not have broken something. Use it at own risk.

(Sensei-Order has also been tested with Sensei-Module and no issues have been found.)

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