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chucktransparentHi, my name is Chuck Ainsworth and am now retired from corporate America. During my working lifetime I worked as a Medical Technician, Process Control Engineer, Hospital Information Systems Manager, Medical Software Engineer, and finished my career as a Software Quality and Configuration Engineer. I was fortunate enough to become an international traveler while working at Motorola, Eclipsys Corporation, and Pearson Education.  While working at these companies I have been to Canada, Japan, Germany, France, England, and India performing software installation and support.

CarryingAmericanFlagI am an avid motorcycle rider and have been riding since 1961 and am member number #000003 of the Gold Wing Road Riders Association (GWRRA) and a member of the Motorcycle Color Guard of America (MCGA). Here I am carrying the American flag in one of our color guard presentations.

Over the years I have owned 14 motorcycles, and now ride a 1996 Honda Gold Wing.  I have probably ridden over 500,000 miles on a motorcycle with only one minor accident with no injuries. For six years I was in open wheel racing on dirt tracks in AZ and now know what it feels like to go into a turn twice as fast as your mind tells you that it is safe to go and still easily navigate it. Lots of fun and excitement but took a lot of time and money.

During my life, I have always believed that one’s well being is related to their health and have played racquetball for over 30 years in order to keep physically fit. I still play 3 times a week. I have also picked up Pickleball and in the process of learning that sport. Both are great exercise.

With the downturn in the market in 2008 I decided it was time to once again branch out and now I am in the learning phase on how to make money through the use of the internet. Even though I started out in early 2009 on internet marketing and sales and have studied lots of materials and spent a ton of money, I feel that I am still in the learning phase.

When I first desired to own my own website I knew very little on how to go about getting one started. I ended up asking lots of questions which took quite a bit of time before I knew enough to even obtain a domain name. Then I had to learn about website hosting. Working with a couple other individuals we invested $5,000 dollars on a service to get us started which we ended up throwing away. About the only thing I can say about that adventure was that I learned a lot about obtaining domains, website hosting, website design, keyword, titles, etc.  Following is some of the websites and I created and am still the webmaster.

Association:               http://shalimarassociation.org
Book Author:             http://spiritualfreedompress.com
Color Guard:              http://mcga.us/
Magnifing Viewers: http://image4u.com/
Motorcycle Assoc:    http://gwrraaz.org/district/
Pickleball Club:        http://pecospickleballclub.org/
SAT Tutoring:           http://academic-sat-tutoring.com

This is just a sample of some of the websites that I support.

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